demolition means progress: degradation means opportunity

Posted by on January 4th, 2008 in environs

So: science takes us further inside our own heads, and the physical world gets left behind. Buildings and businesses started and left to crumble, suburbs abandoned before the shiny new families move in and the old, the worn, held to ransom by a natural order that forgot to send the note. A treasure trove for a mad scientist to pick a hang out, right?

Every city has a dead spot. Where’s yours?

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3 Responses to “demolition means progress: degradation means opportunity”

  1. The last time I felt that way was midnight on Treasure Island, in the SF Bay a few years back. Once a naval base, it’s now home to a gangload of condos and pocket parks. Hooray, redevelopment!

    Except that a whole bunch of them were found to have something toxic underneath them, and were wrapped in plastic and signed off. Three bedrooms, two and a half bath. Where did they go? Pocket park is rusting and has a broken swingset. Down the street the neighbors are having a wine and cheese party.

    Zombies afoot? Ghosts? Creepy and abandoned so close to life is ten times creepier.

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