“Second Life is so last year”

Posted by on January 7th, 2008 in tech

Intel CEO Paul Otellini’s keynote address Monday at the International CES conference in Las Vegas will focus on the theme of “Third Life.” reports Wired.
Otellini’s presentation, in which photorealistic 3-D avatars of Smash Mouth [oh dear] band members will jam in a virtual garage, is designed to show how the convergence of multicore processing power, streaming media, virtual worlds and social networking could change the way we will all work and play.

“Having your 2-D picture on Facebook.com just scratches the surface of what’s possible now with online socialization, in the very near future, consumers will be able to easily create a photorealistic 3-D avatar of themselves with their own head using digital pictures and infuse these digital humans with their own personality” said Jerry Heneghan, CEO of “serious game” developer Virtual Heroes, which partnered with several other companies to put together the virtual jam session.

The physically separated Smash Mouth rockers — some onstage, some backstage — will use peer-to-peer technology developed by music-collaboration company eJamming to play their song “Walkin’ on the Sun” within a virtual garage created using Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 3.


Partnerships with companies like Organic Motion, Big Stage and eJamming are facilitating the creation of the most advanced virtual worlds and serious games possible for online medical, military and corporate collaboration and training…

Meanwhile, Bill G has just noticed that people like to control their devices by touch!  Smart cookie.  A few years late, but hey….

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2 Responses to ““Second Life is so last year””

  1. the new motion-capture tech mentioned in the Wired article sounds interesting:

    “The avatars were produced using new motion-capture technology from Organic Motion that eliminates the need for skintight suits and reflective balls, instead using a new camera system that registers volume within a motion-capture box. Computers record a subject’s movements inside the box and translate them into data that realistically replicates motion.”

  2. For YEARS I have been looking for someone to skin me, my wife and my friends so I could enjoy playing against myself in Deathmatches or versus undead versions of us on half-life zombie maps. Now THAT would be fun.