The Possibility Is Our Obligation

Posted by on February 1st, 2008 in art, body mods

Oh, if it were only true…

More clever art than true medical futurism, the Human Upgrades site discards the fancy need for complexity and instead details products that streamline the human body, under the bandname ‘Simplicity’, to give you SimpleNose (one hole), SimpleCunt (uhh, easier to find hole), SimpleTooth and SimpleEar…


Or perhaps your sexual requirements are in the ‘easy access’ range…


And then there is the delightfully functional


I’m intrigued by the idea that instead of creating something far fetched and exotic, the idea that seems to be behind this…project (?) is that we’re all a little bit lazy, aren’t we? The boring majority want simplicity, ease and dammit, they want it based on a celebrity! (See the Cuntongue – “Choose yours, your friends or from our collection of celebrities tongues” says the ‘About’)

But just in case you thought it would only be for the Simplicity and Sex set, they tease us in with this:


Versatile high-frequency aerial working with frequency range from 10 to 3800 MHz. Fully controllable by effloid ligamens (by evolution forgotten receptors in the brain, easily modificable for the new function with specified properties). Extendable to two-way. The Bluetooth interface enables wide range of the signal usage.
The device is fully connectable to inner ear and is certified ODP (Organic Data Processing) ready. Power is provided by recipient’s organism

Picked up after a fun time trawling cyberpunkreview

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2 Responses to “The Possibility Is Our Obligation”

  1. If only the webbed digits were true!

  2. See, here’s where I part ways with the body-mod fascination: there’s design & there’s function & then there’s the one where somebody’s obviously thinking with their junk.

    My genitals are in a good place. They’re relatively well out of the way. I might choose to alter them in order to alter my gender status, but they’re still where they can cause (or get into) the least trouble: my crotch. I believe this is a principle on which most evolution is based, that DNA does whatever it has to in order to keep the naughty parts safe. I direct you to the labyrinthine vagina of the Argentine Lake Duck.

    Having a clit on your hand or a phallus under your chin or an auxiliary anus set into your calf may seem all presupramodern & clever when H.R. Giger airbrushes it on the cover of a Harlequin romance, but in real life it’s guaranteed to be suppurating by the end of the first week.