New technology makes 3-D imaging quicker, easier

Posted by on February 17th, 2008 in augmented reality, communications, DIY, interfaces, tech

Earlier we saw that functional 3D, Hologram displays could soon be available. Now comes the other part of the picture, with the development of technology that makes 3-D imaging quicker, easier:

The FINCH technology and the FINCHSCOPE uses microscope objectives with the highest resolving power, a spatial light modulator, a charge-coupled device camera and some simple filters to enable the acquisition of 3-D microscopic images without the need for scanning multiple planes.

The Nature Photonics article reports on a use of the FINCHSCOPE to take a 3-D still image, but moving 3-D images are coming, said Brooker and co-inventor Joseph Rosen, professor of electrical and computer engineering at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel.

“With traditional 3-D imaging, you cannot capture a moving object,” Brooker said. “With the FINCHSCOPE, you can photograph multiple planes at once, enabling you to capture a 3-D image of a moving object. Researchers now will be able to track biological events happening quickly in cells.”

This could see live-streaming of events in 3D, which I’m sure sports fans would love. It could also make DIY game-development that much more sophisticated, not to mention the crafting applications – hook this bad boy up to a 3D-printer and any object will be scanable and printable.

At this rate our kids will be aghast we ever survived with purely 2D technologies!

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