blink and you won’t miss it – handsfree wink-mote developed in Japan

Posted by on March 12th, 2008 in interfaces, mobile

Grinder kids favour extreme sports like Parkour and activies like Urban Exploring. The kinds of things where it’s great rock your own soundtrack, but having to reach for a remote can be a right pain-in-the-ass; especially when you’re about to cat leap across rooftops and think you just heard a siren around the corner.

Well, once again, it’s Japan to the rescue. They’ve designed a new take on the handsfree – remote control with a wink:

The system — dubbed “Kome Kami Switch,” or “Temple Switch” — can easily differentiate a deliberate one-second wink from natural blinking, said Taniguchi, a researcher at state-run Osaka University’s Graduate School of Engineering Science.”Normally you blink in an energy-saving manner, very quickly and lightly, but you would close your eyes more firmly to operate a device,” he told AFP.

So keep an eye out at your local grey importer; well, in two or three years, when they’re expected to come to market.

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One Response to “blink and you won’t miss it – handsfree wink-mote developed in Japan”

  1. I can imagine that being a pain in the ass–I wanna do a blink-take at some ‘tard for doing something ‘tardish and suddenly my music changes. :|