Information Ring

Posted by on March 13th, 2008 in art, communications, DIY, entertainment, fashion, hacking, identity, industrial design, interfaces, mobile, post-privacy, presence, recording devices, tech, wearable


Shaking hands is a customary greeting action. Handshake brings the action one step further by creating an information transfer function. Handshake operates when people first meet and shake hands, and the rings on their fingers gain the proximity to operate. The rings exchange the users’ information and store it while the users are shaking hands. The more people met, the more information transferred. When the users browse through the people they have met, the card displays the basic information that was stored in the ring. The power source originates from the human body temperature, so no plug is required.

Need to wake up easier in the morning? Get the alarm ring.

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3 Responses to “Information Ring”

  1. [...] self and work in an environment that is “almost” a perfect fit?From, your business card becomes a handshake. I think this is a great idea! Yes, there are issues of privacy, but [...]

  2. That’s awesome–I’ve always had problems remembering the names of people I recently met. That would definately help, having a card at the ready to make sure I finally memorize the name to the face. :D

  3. why does that line from the lord of the rings keep popping into my head?