Welcome To Heavenside: a Doktor Sleepless podcast

Posted by on March 24th, 2008 in doktor sleepless, podcasts

ds#4 coverUbiquitous podcaster LordShaper has just started a new a podcast dedicated solely to Doktor Sleepless, Welcome To Heavenside.

So download it, grab your copy of issue#1 and read along.

He’s aiming to release an episode roughly once every three weeks, so this might be a good way to help fill the time whilst we wait for new issues of Doktor Sleepless to hit the streets.

He also welcomes any feedback, so send in your emails or mp3 comments to heavenside AT lordshaper.com.

Oh, and here’s the direct RSS and iTunes links, so you can be sure not to miss an episode. And there’s a forum for it too.

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