Orange Dream’s brainwave management software gets you closer to the Matrix

Posted by on April 7th, 2008 in augmented reality, bio-hacking, communications, DIY, doomed future, entertainment, hacking, health, identity, interfaces, photos, tech, wearable

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Korean startup Orange Dreams has apparently concocted some sort of eyewear / software combo that can control your brainwaves and calm your nerves, convince you that you really aren’t craving nicotine or make you believe that fruits and vegetables really are more delicious than a Cadbury Cream Egg. We’re not about to delve into how this thing actually intends to work, but those unafraid can give it a go next month

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2 Responses to “Orange Dream’s brainwave management software gets you closer to the Matrix”

  1. Holy shit. :O

    Man…I’m seeing many other possibilities with this thing–some good, some fucking terrible.

  2. Cyberpunk. Overview. Und mehr….

    Zuerst mal zu dem "Near-Future-Horror-Cyberpunk-Movie-Musical":  (gespiegelt @ CPC)
    Die Website zu Darren Lynn Bousmans Verfilmung von "Repo! – The Genetic Opera" ist aktuell online gegangen. Dort kann man sich schon einen ers…