Clay Shirky’s Cognitive Surplus video

Posted by on May 4th, 2008 in entertainment, friends of the future

Got a spare fifteen minutes and room in your head for a new concept?

Well get set, as Clay Shirky just lays it all out; starting with TV and the SitCom, working through to Wikipedia and hinting at what lies beyond when people do more than work their whole lives:

Click through now and/or read the transcipt.

OK, you’re back? So FreeTime + TheInternet = BEAUTIFUL_COLLABORATIVE_FUTURE?

Where we pool together to solve all the problems of the world in whatever fashion we like? Where everyone is truely equal? Where we produce and consume? And what we’re seeing now is just the very, very beginning of what might be possible?

I’m in! That’s MY Future.

via Warren

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2 Responses to “Clay Shirky’s Cognitive Surplus video”

  1. Thanks for posting Mr. Shirkey’s trenchant analysis!

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