Knock – Reinvented Amulets and Charms

Posted by on May 16th, 2008 in art, DIY, fashion, interfaces, photos, ritual, tech, wearable

Kyveli Vezani’s “Knock” a collection of reinvented amulets and charms reflecting the impact of technology on our values and beliefs. My favorite on is the necklace that calls 911 when you break the glass vial on it.

Knock is a collection of cultural artifacts of today’s society, a society defined by an obsession with technology and a goal-oriented approach to mysticism and faith. The collection consists of updated versions of traditional amulets, lockets and charms that reflect the way technology has influenced the values and beliefs of our culture. Instead of the antiquated superstitions that old amulets represent, they function according to contemporary ideas of protection, fertility, and social bonds.

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One Response to “Knock – Reinvented Amulets and Charms”

  1. Those are some awesome ideas, and probably buildable using currently available tech, but somehow I get the impression that these aren’t aren’t functioning pieces…?

    Concealing your identity to digital cameras sounds extremely awesome—and that’s the one I don’t think we can do just yet… can we?