Fujitsu creates uber-surveillance technology

Posted by on May 19th, 2008 in robots, security, surveillance


Fujitsu announced today, as an industry first, the development of a new image-sensing technology that can thoroughly and accurately track – without blind spots – the motion paths of multiple individuals as they move while indoor. By employing ceiling-mounted multiple compact surveillance cameras to monitor designated areas, and enabling automatic and accurate extraction of the motion paths of individuals shown in images from those cameras, this technology has potential for practical use in a wide variety of applications, including surveillance of suspicious behavior, observation of consumer purchasing behavior as retail marketing, and task analysis as part of visualization of work efficiencies.

Yeah, this is going to work out just fine. How long until they hook up robot security guards to it? Weak-AI controlled Roombas fitted with Tasers taking out shoplifters. Here’s Bob with the weather.

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One Response to “Fujitsu creates uber-surveillance technology”

  1. Robot security guards already exist:

    it’s not really armed though. (yet…)