The EyeDildo

Posted by on June 8th, 2008 in entertainment, health, photos, sex

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The EyeDildo is a clear acrylic dildo with an embedded camera and LED setup so you can play “ob/gyn, the home game”. It’s at least nice to see someone ripping off Sony (EyeToy) versus Apple (iEverythingEver) for once. And while there is absolutely no way to make the combination of thrusting pointy things and eyes sexy, the name does have a certain impact.

$200 lets you realize that the inside of your partner isn’t nearly as pretty as the outside. It uses regular ol’ batteries and comes with TV hookups so you can just plug in and plug in and see internal organs on your 60″ flat screen!

Now, dildocams have been around a long, long time, but I’m rather excited about this for the machine vision and augmented reality aspects. With today’s technology (read: OpenCV, ARToolKit and too much time and education your hands), you’re just a few sleepless nights of coding away from games like “Cervix Invaders” and “Poop Ship Destroyers” and “It’s in my nose, is that my brain?” and “Malignant or Not”. Ok, so that last one, not so much a game, I suppose.

I still think this would be the ultimate survival horror game flashlight peripheral. But I’m just gonna stop there.

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