Potential Parkinson’s cure is up your nose!

Posted by on June 17th, 2008 in intelligence augmentation, medical

From ABC News:

Australian scientists have discovered that stem cells found in the back of a patient’s nose can produce the chemical which is missing in people with Parkinson’s disease.

Parkinson’s disease occurs when the brain cells that produce the chemical dopamine stop working.

Without dopamine, nerve cells cannot function, leading to muscle problems.

Researchers from Griffith University and the University of Queensland harvested adult stem cells from the noses of Parkinson’s disease patients.

They found that once the nose cells were cultured and infused into animals with Parkinson’s disease, the cells began to produce dopamine.

Professor Peter Silburn from the University of Queensland said it was an important breakthrough, as the cells could be easily harvested from patients.

That is correct. In your nose. Which skips the whole fetal stem-cell debate.

Now, one has to think this can not be limited to just curing Parkinson’s either. Will the near future see us also popping into a clinic every few years for a quick scrap of the nose and coming back for a brain-boost a few weeks later?

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One Response to “Potential Parkinson’s cure is up your nose!”

  1. I want to see the timeline on these trials, and a projected time line, for future research.