Amphibious Robot Snake

Posted by on June 23rd, 2008 in photos, robots, tech, video

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ACM-R5 is equipped with paddles and passive wheels around the body. To generate propulsive force by undulation, the robot need a resistance property as it glides freely in tangential direction but cannot in normal direction. Due to the paddles and passive wheels, ACM-R5 obtains that character both in water and on ground.

The control system of ACM-R5 is an advanced one. Each joint unit has CPU, battery, motors, so they can operate independently. Through communication lines each unit exchanges signals and automatically recognizes its number from the head, and how many units join the system. Thanks to this system operators can remove, add, and exchange units freely and they can operate ACM-R5 flexibly according to situations.

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4 Responses to “Amphibious Robot Snake”

  1. Matrix-style.
    Except, that standing trick it does near the end. Now I think the Matrix animators erred too much on the side of nature. That trick made it look like a robot—something designed to do nature one better.

  2. The Dethklok song Better Metal Snake! is all i can think of…
    That looks terrifying.

  3. Amphibious swimming snake robot: now nowhere is safe…

    Oh, for goodness sake. All our warnings about the dangers of teaching robots to swim clearly fell on deaf ears – because now, a bunch of so-called scientists have made a robotic snake that can not only slither along land,…

  4. Desolation Jones anyone?