Jan Chipchase’s thoughts on “Our Augmentable World”

Posted by on July 7th, 2008 in activism, advertising, augmented reality

From Future Perfect:

In a future perfect world where a % of the urban population is wearing or carrying a device that is capable of augmenting reality what are the surfaces, contexts, textures where we are most likely to see, er, reality augmented? And of course augmented with what?

Given the challenges of smoothing-the-edges between the physical and the digital what are the inherent properties of the urban landscape that make one surface more or less augmentable? Is it the white spaces that are overlaid with informational and advertising hoardings? Or is that blue sky just a bluescreen waiting to happen?

via Mark Pesce.

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2 Responses to “Jan Chipchase’s thoughts on “Our Augmentable World””

  1. The always insightful Jan Chipchase has a short and amazing essay up at Receiver, Vodafone’s blog on user experience and mobile technology, and it manages in just a few paragraphs to make not one but two startling but hard to refute arguments.

    StoryBank – using mobiles to share stories in an Indian village. Jan Chipchase in receiver magazine, summer 2007


  2. Saschca – that’s an excellent essay, thanks for sharing that!