Shapeways – a new 3D fabrication service

Posted by on July 22nd, 2008 in art, fabricators, industrial design, prototype

fab'ed monkeys!

From Mashable:

Enter, Shapeways, a new startup molded by Philips Incubator Project and currently tagged as a private beta service.


The promise of Shapeways is to enable consumers to make stuff, virtually anything of reasonable size and detail, and have it in hand in 10 days or less for an average cost of $50-150.

Users are asked to import files from 3D modeling software in STL, Collada, or X3D formats. At that point, one is able to specify material and size. Shapeways describes current options as “White Strong & Flexible (SLS), Cream Robust (FDM), White Detail and Transparent Detail (Object). Additional choices will come soon.

Interested? Mashable have a limited number of invites to the closed-beta, so get over there quickly and grab one!

As Jamais Cascio notes:

This won’t be for everybody. You’ll have to do the hard design work, in a 3D program that outputs their preferred formats, so I really don’t expect this to be the Next Big Web 2.0 extravaganza. Make an app that will convert Second Life (or other Metaverse environment) objects into fully-qualified X3D files, and we’ll talk. I’m just fascinated by how fast this market evolves.

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5 Responses to “Shapeways – a new 3D fabrication service”

  1. Beta’d! Time to get my design on. Then…all that shall remain is to watch on at a world trembling in fear of my infinite robot army!

  2. Wicked – yes I signed up. I’ve a few ideas…

    Thanks for posting this, m1k3y. :)

  3. Also take a look at fabidoo ( ) who offer 3D printing for the masses. They have nice community features like weekly design contests, a simple to use editor and high quality 3D-printouts.
    Cheers marc

  4. women gonna love it. can design their very own, purfectly fit dildo