Artifice Clothing’s Cybertek Wings

Posted by on August 6th, 2008 in doktor sleepless, fashion

So who wants to swan around their favourite club night looking like a cyberpunk angel?

Kind of like the ghost of Heavenside, the Angel Construct?

angel construct

Well thanks to Artifice Clothing you can, with the Cybertek Wings:

cybertek wings

Designed by a robotics engineer, built out of carbon fiber and extruded aluminum, with a maximum wingspan of 6ft, what’s not to like?

OK, maybe the pricetag. At $1,000 this isn’t exactly an impulse buy.

But they sure look worth every penny.

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7 Responses to “Artifice Clothing’s Cybertek Wings”

  1. “OK, maybe the pricetag. At $1,000 this isn’t exactly an impulse buy.”

    Especially when the first person to have their drink knocked out of their hand at a club beats you to death with your own wings.

    Remember kids, friends don’t let friends wear wings to clubs.

  2. Qais – you’re right.. these belong more on the stage than amongst the crowd.. and according to the site they’re available for rental.. now, to find the rest of the pieces of the ultimate Grinder club night!

  3. *Patiently waits until the first suicide wearing this for style*

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  5. that’d be so dope with my mask for halloween though

  6. Qais: You have a weird understanding of how clubs and polite society in general work. If the place will let you through the door in it, most likely they know you there, or it’s the kind of place that doesn’t get so crowded that that becomes an issue.

    I’ve knocked a few drinks from hands in my time, and buying a round for the table is more than enough to not only pacify, but to ingratiate yourself to people.

    Besides, they are retractable.

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