See the ReWalk exoskeleton in action

Posted by on August 26th, 2008 in cyborging, medical

We have mentioned the ReWalk exoskeleton before, but they have only now released a video of it in action. As you can see, it significantly restores mobility:

YouTube Preview Image

As Reuters tell us:

The product, slated for commercial sale in 2010, will cost as much as the more sophisticated wheelchairs on the market, which sell for about $20,000, the company said.

The ReWalk is now in clinical trials in Tel Aviv’s Sheba Medical Centre and Goffer said it will soon be used in trials at the Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute in Pennsylvania.

thanks to Nora Wainwright for the tip-off!

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One Response to “See the ReWalk exoskeleton in action”

  1. I watched this and thought it looked kind of clumsy and slow. When I thought about what it would mean to someone who is in a wheelchair that is being able to get out of the chair and stand up and move like a normal person. I thought in the scene where he first walks up some stairs it’s interesting to see a ramp that he no longer needs in the background. This is definitely one of those inventions that changes things.