Disolving Dress

Posted by on October 27th, 2008 in biodegradable, fashion

No, I’m not talking about how dresses from mall alt-fashion stores spontaniously disintergrate after wearing them once, I’m talking about Professor Helen Storey and Professor Tony Ryan’s new eco-friendly art dresses:

The fabric is made from a clear polymer, polyvinyl alcohol. The dresses dissolve at a pace that they will be able to survive a sweaty party. In an upcoming exhibition, eight dissolvable dresses will be put into enormous goldfish bowls where they will slowly liquefy.

Prof. Ryan had this to say on the sheer and transient gowns:

The dresses Helen has created are a metaphor for the beautiful things we create and use but never really think about and just throw away. In your lifetime you throw away around 20 tonnes of packaging material. We want people to think about that. But it has made us think more seriously about science, too,



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4 Responses to “Disolving Dress”

  1. And how much do you want to bet it’ll cost just as much as regular, nondisolving dresses?

  2. Why not just make disposable packaging from this dissolvable plastic, instead of dresses, which tend to last a very long time?


  3. Jared, Chris, you guys don’t seem to get the point. The dresses have been designed for an exposition. It’s art. It’s expressing a concern about our society by creating an item which could fall under the “useless” category.

    It’s not about making a new consumer good.