Rob Spence: emergent EyeBorg

Posted by on December 5th, 2008 in body mods, cyborging, prosthetics, wearable

Wired have a great article up about Rob Spence‘s endeavor to replace his sightless eye:

The eye he’s considering replacing is not a working one — it’s a prosthetic eye he’s worn for several years. Spence, a 36-year-old Canadian filmmaker, is not content with having one blind eye. He wants a wireless video camera inside his prosthetic, giving him the ability to make movies wherever he is, all the time, just by looking around.

“If you lose your eye and have a hole in your head, then why not stick a camera in there?” he asks.

Spence, who calls himself the “eyeborg guy,” will not be restoring his vision. The camera won’t connect to his brain. What it will do is allow him to be a bionic man where technology fuses with the human body to become inseparable. In effect, he will become a “little brother,” someone who’s watching and recording every move of those in his field of vision.

Now brace yourselves for the video he’s made of having his malfunctioning meat excised:

Eyeborg video
by bioniceye

It looks like we are not too far away from the ability to pop out a prosthetic eye for mobile surveillance, as shown recently in the UK SF film Doomsday.

thanks for the tip-off Nora Wainwright!


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8 Responses to “Rob Spence: emergent EyeBorg”

  1. Ha!

    Very well written. Enjoyed your post.


  2. thanks Rob! please keep us posted, very keen to hear how you progress with this.

  3. Muahahaha… what will the signs say in the future, then? “Please turn off your eyes when viewing this exhibit”?
    Rad rad rad.

  4. Credit where credit is due: Popping out a prosthetic eye for mobile surveillance (spying on someone) is a bit that was used more than a decade ago in an episode of Babylon 5.

  5. I’m pretty sure David Bowie’s character did something crazy with his eye too in The Man Who Fell To Earth.

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  7. Horrible wow :(

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