HP Announces Flexible Computer Screens On the Horizon

Posted by on January 8th, 2009 in future friendly, prototype, tech

Arizona State University’s Flexible Display Center and HP recently announced a prototype of a flexible lightweight computer screen that stands to revolutionize computers and electronic devices. Created in a similar roll-to-roll manufacturing process as thin-film pv, these new computer screens are printed onto plastic sheets that are virtually indestructible, use less energy and are less costly to produce than conventional screens. These new displays could potentially use up to 90% less materials by volume to produce as well.

Link and photo via inhabitat.com.

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5 Responses to “HP Announces Flexible Computer Screens On the Horizon”

  1. The applications for this, upto and including my pornorama flexiscreen shirt, playing hi voltage smut randomly selected from an iPod playlist, much to the horror of fellow commuters, could be amazing.

  2. Add a capacitive touch layer (and eventually a battery and wifi package) and we will really see some crazy sh1t.

  3. Also spotted a flexible OLED wrist display video. Probably needs it’s own post, but it fit with the topic at hand.

  4. this announcement contains a certain amount of irony for me given that i am reading it on an HP machine whose design flaws resulted in busted laptop hinges and a constant overheating problem

  5. With all the videophone availability out there, if there is a prototype, why can’t we see it in action??
    And damn… the video on the wrist display seems to be down…
    When it gets ramped up, this stuff feels like it could have a very big impact in a very short space of time.