Posted by on January 9th, 2009 in art, beauty, entertainment, photos, reading material

Chad Michael Ward, writer, artist, photographer and producer. If anyone would be visually stimulated by the slow demise of Heavenside, this man would. He’s already brought these gorgeous books to the table (all of which currently grace my library shelves):

Chad is not interested in the mundane. Instead the oddly beautiful are captured by the camera in his latest book, DANGEROUS BEAUTIES. Click through for a preview and try not to drool on the screen.

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5 Responses to “DANGEROUS BEAUTIES by Chad Michael Ward”

  1. Here’s an interview with Chad:

    With more photos to boot.

    Sadly it looks like he prefers not to get too deeply philosophical about transhumanism, so he uses the themes mostly for their aesthetic value. Still, awesome work.

  2. NEED

  3. Cool stuff. :D

  4. “Black rust.” That’s poetry.

  5. I really hope that comment about Black Rust was sarcastic.