No Grinding in Long Beach

Posted by on February 8th, 2009 in doomed future

Cat Vincent tipped me off to this funny photo Jan Chipchase took in Long Beach, California.

Which brings to mind the Lupe Fiasco song “Kick, Push” which he dedicates to all those “out there grinding, legally and illegally”.

How long until they’re not just talking about skateboarding?

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7 Responses to “No Grinding in Long Beach”

  1. The really eerie part is how civil engineers are already designing cityscapes to prevent grinding: Faraday cages disguised as wisteria arbors, EMP bollards…

  2. Not to mention how long until they’re putting similar signs next to clubs?

  3. i know it’s the joke, but i feel the need to point out that grinding is also what it is called when skaters slide down rails. just felt like it may not have been obvious

  4. It’s also kind of funny because Long Beach is one of the first cities to offer free wi-fi in public spaces (iirc). You’d think they’d be pretty grinder friendly, despite their otherwise overwhelming conservatism.

  5. Aubrey, yeah, I skate. The grinder symbol would look great cut out of grip tape!

    Zaha Hadid’s Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati has an awesome quarter-pipe built into it at street-level, and it has signs all over it saying “no skating.” This got me thinking about how architects and civil engineers generally only remember skaters as an afterthought. They design for wind and rain and cars, but they design as if skaters weren’t ubiquitous and permanent.

    When I lived in Singapore, the civil engineers appeared to design for network infrastructure first, and everything else second.

    Somewhere out there is a quorum of design students busy planning for a grinder-optimized city, esp. for universal geotagging (“the locative”) and implantable tag readers and writers.

    Hello Tallinn?

  6. Tallinn, Estonia? I’ve been hearing crazy things about this place for a while. I must get over there and check it out at some point soon!

  7. And here I thought the “illegally grinding” line was a pot reference