The Graffiti of Aberdeen and Edinburgh

Posted by on March 8th, 2009 in art, beauty, entertainment, graffiti, urban

Sent by A Radio Well, via email:

“These were taken around the cities of Aberdeen and Edinburgh a little over a year ago.”

A Radio Well also brings us a Library Mystery to solve:

“These next three are notably peculiar. They were part of a set of posters all over the city of Aberdeen, these three were an individual peice. Each peice told a story about a certain feature the city of Stockholm, with an accompanying photograph refering to the little paragraph of information. All of the paragraphs of information ended with a reference to a source called “Adams, 2006″, something that I haven’t been able to find any trace of on the Internet. The only other piece I remember seeing personally was something about flooded, unused underground tunnels that one can easily explore with a makeshift canoe, the accompanying picture being of a man in a trenchcoat and feder hat doing exactly that.”

I went searching the net myself and I didn’t find anything either. Anyone have any information on this hidden keys mystery?

Thanks again to A Radio Well for the words and photos.

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4 Responses to “The Graffiti of Aberdeen and Edinburgh”

  1. Ta plats
    Äga rum

    Both mean “occur”. Literally they mean “take place” and “own space/room”.

  2. Hmm, I used to spend a lot of time playing ARGs (see here – ) and the folks over at Unfiction are generally eager beavers when presented with stuff like this. A search doesn’t seem to be turning up anything, but if you want some experienced puzzle-solvers pointing their brains at it then that’s probably one of the best places to start, with a thread name starting “TRAILHEAD: “

  3. Ah! Seej, that’s a brilliant idea! Even I had dabbled in ARG’s and posing it to other players had never occured to me.

    If all’s fair, I suppose i’ll email Spiral with the results?

  4. If all’s fair, I suppose i’ll email Spiral with the results?

    Yes please – thank you.