usb memory stick in prosthetic finger

Posted by on March 9th, 2009 in body mods, prosthetics

Henri Bergius shows us what happens when reality meets product concepts:

The story behind this is that Jerry had a motorcycle accident last May and lost a finger. When the doctor working on the artificial finger heard he is a hacker, the immediate suggestion was to embed a USB “finger drive” to the design. Now he carries a Billix Linux distribution and the Freddy Got Fingered movie as part of his hand.

thanks to Dan Ballard for the tip-off!

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8 Responses to “usb memory stick in prosthetic finger”

  1. that’s ridiculously fucking cool.

  2. Looks like a fake to me!

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  4. My God, what a brilliant idea. :D

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  7. thats awsome i had 3 of my middle fingers basicly torn off on a inch thick feed chain and gear, and im a guitar player been playin since i was 11 im 28 now luckly it wasnt my fret hand but i lost over a half inch on my pick finger……so you can say that your USB finger has got my "gears" movin im not quite healed yet still wraped and stitched but when i start shopin round for new fingers i just might get a new pick finger maybe with a slot for holding my pick cut into the side or somthin……not quite as bad ass as bein able to carrie movies IN your finger but would work for me…..thanx for the inovation and brilliant idea….

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