Invizimals – new AR game for the PSP

Posted by on June 8th, 2009 in alternate reality gaming, augmented reality, entertainment

DennĊ Coil just got a little closer to reality.

YouTube Preview Image

As Kotaku describes it:

Using the PSP and a specially designed disk, Invizimal hunters will have to locate and trap 100-plus hidden creatures, adding them to their collection. Creatures will be spawned based on environmental conditions, with a bit of randomness, to keep things interesting. The trapping of those creatures is vaguely Ghostbusters-esque: find the Invizimal with the on-screen sensor, throw down the trap, then slap the beast to stun it.

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3 Responses to “Invizimals – new AR game for the PSP”

  1. very cool, can’t see it selling to the advertized age bracket though… no parents going to spend 400$ + game for their kid when they can get a ds and one of about 100 pokemon games for under $200… especially when every other kid in their class has a nintendo.

    if they were to adapt the tech to a bit of a more advanced game it would be cool… maybe something final fantasy ish… or some kind of espionage game… i could see it working with the metal gear solid licence.

    they could easily port this to the iphone too.

  2. @matt A PSP does not cos 400 $ it costs 169$

    at toys r us and i asume if one would search 10 minutes loger one would find a PSP for less i just did a google search

    The camera costs less than 50$

    I am quite sure one could find a bundle for 200$

  3. sorry im talking australian dollars. they still retail for 299 or 399 here. by comparason a ds here as around 149-189 depending where you go.