I like to watch…

Posted by on July 29th, 2009 in art, communications, recording devices, security, surveillance, tech

Straight from etsy, that window-shopper’s whorehouse, GrinderMonkeyStudios brings us ‘Salome’

This piece is a life-size cast bronze bust with steel for the arms, crosspiece and tray. The back is finished pressboard and the mounting system is wood. The video display is a b+w security monitor and the video loop (that i created specially for this piece) is ran with a dvd player(included) that is hidden in the back.

For $7,179.00 USD (plus postage) it can be yours. I want it to be mine. I would suggest looking at the other stuff available in the store.

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2 Responses to “I like to watch…”

  1. Yeah, the asking price is too high and it will never sell. It is too fragile to ship also, the monitor will fall off and break most likely.

  2. Agree with previous post. This piece wouldn't work half the time and fall apart as soon as you touched it. Let alone it is a shock hazard with the open back. Now they are asking 13,000.00 for it.