h+ talk neurotech with Zach Lynch

Posted by on August 23rd, 2009 in bio-hacking, intelligence augmentation

h+ have a great interview with Zach Lynch, author of The Neuro Revolution: How Brain Science Is Changing Our World .

In “This is your brain on neurotechnology” they look at how society might be re-shaped as neurotech matures and becomes more widely used.

This is just a taste:

For example, there are over 100 compounds in clinical development right now focused on treating some form of memory loss. And we expect a small handful of these over the next decade to improve memory in normal humans. So you can imagine the inherent coercive force that will emerge as those treatments become developed. Imagine a 65-year-old programmer living in San Francisco and she’s competing with a 25-year-old in Mumbai, India. Neither one knows whether the other is using one of these cognitive-enabling drugs.

And it’s not just drugs; there are neurodevices in development that will be able to improve memory and speed learning. What we’re going to see is what I call “neuro competition.” This is the next form of competition that individuals and businesses and nations will adapt to gain competitive advantage –- except this will be a neuro advantage. Just as companies today compete for a competitive advantage in information technology –- whether it’s the latest social software, the latest IT backbone, the latest servers, or the latest customer relationship management systems –- they will use neurotechnologies to improve their competitive positioning.

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