Could airships be the new trains?

Posted by on September 30th, 2009 in transport, urban

This crazy beautiful design from the Re-Burbia competition, the Airbia, is just the kind of madness we need to fix this broken world.

Wouldn’t you rather board an alien mothership for your commute to the cubicle?

The proposed airship has a capacity to carry 400 people and travel with an avarage of 150 km/h speed on a hight between 30 – 500 meters. Instead of having a major airship station, Airbia proposes a more dispersed network of station-platforms, that constist of staircases, lifts and ticket spaces. This way the system becomes much more flexible, since these drop off – pick up platforms can be placed almost anywhere in the city 

thanks for the tip-off Bindy!

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3 Responses to “Could airships be the new trains?”

  1. More design porn…

  2. This could be a side industry if my plans go forward.

  3. Looks like flying bike saddles!