Hanging at the H+ Meetup with Satan: An Update

Posted by on April 22nd, 2010 in music, religion

So last night, I linked to the Vigilant Citizen’s hilarious Fergie/Transhumanism/Eugenics/Satanism mashup, and apparently some Grinders followed the discussion over there with less than spectacular results.  I would like to remind folks, that while our “friends” over at the Citizen sometimes do have a sharp eye for symbolism and are always good for a laugh, they are still a Christian-themed media-paranoia conspiracy site and thus are probably not really open for strenuous intellectual testing of their theories.

To you who posted over there (or tried and got deleted or locked out) in order to conter-act some of the scary or weird disinformation, I say good job.  But alas, anything you say, it seems, will be brushed off as coming from an agent of the SATANIC GLOBAL TRANSHUMANIST CONSPIRACY.   For those of you who got the brush off AND were threatened with an INTERPOL investigation or the threat of an anti-peadophile investigation or were all accused of being the same person – well give yourselves an extra 300xp and head over to Khannea Suntzu’s blog.

Suntzu takes apart the Citizen rant with a patience that borders on saintlike (or machinelike… muwhahaha…) with a rant of hir own – addressing the malicious fallacies contained in the original on a point-by-point basis.  It’s the perfect antidote to your daily dose of crazed conspiratorial nonsense.   And if you still have rage in your heart after that, remember that as a member of the SATANIC GLOBAL TRANSHUMANIST CONSPIRACY you get to go home to your house full of MK ULTRA brainwashed sex slaves and count the piles of money that your evil overlords gave you to post on the internet about H+.

Which is all to say: mea maxima culpa if I accidentally led any of you to where the internet sidewalk ends.

Grinder_Symbol_II Oh, and as always:  Hail Satan… ROBOT SATAN.

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15 Responses to “Hanging at the H+ Meetup with Satan: An Update”

  1. Hail!

  2. Awww. Well Hail you, too :)

  3. And, for the record, it wasn’t me who went on the long back-and-forth. But I did end up saying something. Just in case.

  4. @Damien – Heh. Yeah, I saw your post. Sadly, you were dismissed because you were obviously a transhumanist.

    *throws the horns*

  5. Humans v1.1 and v1.2, meet Humans v1.0.

    I would tell everyone to fight nice but they’re obviously not, so let’s just say ‘good-bye’ and evolve past them. There is no sense in wasting time and energy on them, their minds are made up and hermetically sealed now.

  6. @The Doctor – Yep. That’s usually the best policy.

  7. Does anyone find it oddly befitting that the article just before this one touts artificial faun legs?

  8. I find it behooving in fact. 300xp accepted, and really I’m quite honored that a crazy person with a crazy following accused me of being several sane people.

    I’ve decided I’m going to write a novel about these folks, on the eve of the singularity. It will involve symbolism telling of the human mind’s conspiracy to assign symbols and seek patterns where there are none, and a lot of meta-discussion on Christianity. I’ll draw them to reading it with an ARG. Dad always said you can cure most blindness with enough meta.

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  10. @Chronoceptive: Hee hee hee hee hee….

  11. After several conversations about Transhumanist concepts, I have found that some people are quite inexplicably hostile to the ideas. They -want- to die at 72, they -need- to have limitations to blame their failures on. When I identify them, I end the conversation and take stock of their toys to see if any are worth stealing.

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