Another Step Towards Snow Crash

Posted by on April 29th, 2010 in doomed future, sex

It’s not quite atomic dogs (that damn dog makes me cry every time) or car-harpoons, but a Doctor in South Africa is now producing an insertable dentata.

The Rape-aXe has actually been around since 2007, but its inventor, Dr Sonette Ehlers wants to distribute 30,000 of the devices to women in South Africa prior to the World Cup.  All joking about Snow Crash aside, statistics show that a woman is raped every 26 seconds in South Africa.  In fact, South Africa has the highest incidence of reported rapes in the world.  According to a recent survey, 1 in 4 men admitted to having raped someone at least once and 1 in 10 men reported having been raped.   This is also in a country where AIDS or HIV infection has reached as high as 11%.

How does it work?  Well, according to the Rape-aXe website:

The Rape-aXe system consists of a latex sheath, which contains razor-sharp barbs. The device is worn in her vagina like a tampon. When the attacker attempts vaginal penetration the barbs attach themselves to the penis, causing great discomfort. The device must be surgically removed, which will result in the positive identification of the attacker and subsequent arrest.

There is a video that goes with that:

While the device is controversial, to say the least; the idea of anyone having to live in an environment of violence that might make lining your vagina with spikes a logical course of action is nauseating.

[Via Jezebel.]

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9 Responses to “Another Step Towards Snow Crash”

  1. [...] Grinding) a2a_config.linkname=”Anti-rape inserts for the South African World Cup?”; [...]

  2. “(that damn dog makes me cry every time)”

    THANK you! I knew i couldn’t have been the only one.

  3. I’ve heard suggestions that these things have the potential to make a rape situation worse by angering an attacker to the point where they become(more) violent. If this is true, it seems like it’d make more sense to design one that either injects some kind of paralysis agent through the barbs or has an effect that doesn’t make itself apparent until after the incident is over.

  4. South Africa has one of the highest rates of HIV infection in the world, and this device is designed to maximize blood contact. Even if a rapist, suddenly discovering his penis has been mutilated, doesn’t take it out on the victim by beating them to death, the victim is almost guaranteed to be infected.

  5. Actually Torvuan, the website addresses this and says the spikes are not sharp enough to draw enough blood to be dangerous. They have accounted for the high prevalence of HIV and the likelihood of blood transference and have worked around that.

  6. Well, of course the website says that. The manufacturers wouldn’t say “This product increases the incidences of HIV transmission” even if it did.

    They also don’t mention it’s probably useless if the attacker decides to take someone anally :V

  7. “the idea of anyone having to live in an environment of violence that might make lining your vagina with spikes a logical course of action is nauseating.”

    couldn’t agree more :(

    @ Braydon – in certain instances it will, in others it may give the woman time to get away. Either way rapes in south Africa are frequently accompanied by so much violence anyway that some women will likely weigh up the risks and decide to take their chances with the Rape-aXe. Who knows, perhaps it will help the conviction rate which is currently something like 4 % :( :(

  8. I suppose you might be right that the nature of rape in the area make the Rape-aXe a better option than nothing, but I still think it could have been designed better.

  9. I suppose there should be stronger laws regarding this matter, maybe a better protection to prevent the crime.