Rex – another exoskeleton is coming to market

Posted by on July 19th, 2010 in exoskeletons

From gizmag:

REX, an exoskeleton made of strong, lightweight materials that is designed to support and hold a person comfortably as they move. Users strap themselves in to the robotic legs with a number of Velcro and buckled straps that fit around the legs along with a belt that fits around the user’s waist.

grind baby grind

Rex Bionics CEO, Jenny Morel, says the company expects to conclude internal testing of REX shortly and will then have a preliminary release in Auckland to allow the company to track what happens when people take REX home. Sales are expected to commence in New Zealand by the end of 2010 and elsewhere by the middle of 2011. It is expected to cost about US$150,000.

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One Response to “Rex – another exoskeleton is coming to market”

  1. Increase the speed and rig a neurosky headset to it instead of hand controls and it Might compete with the Chariot