Building a Better Pop Star

Posted by on November 18th, 2010 in augmented reality, video, virtual reality, where's my alien dancing girls

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11 Responses to “Building a Better Pop Star”

  1. After my initial reaction of "AH! KILL IT WITH FIRE!" I have to admit that's pretty interesting. Anyone got a translation on those lyrics?

  2. According to…


    Artist: ryo feat. Hatsune Miku
    Album: supercell

    sekai de ichiban ohime-sama
    sou iu atsukai kokoroete yo ne

    The very best Princess!
    So treat me just us such, carve it in your heart! Okay~

    sono ichi itsumo to chigau kamigata ni ki ga tsuku koto
    sono ni chanto kutsu made miru koto
    ii ne?
    sono san watashi no hitogoto ni ha mittsu no kotoba de
    henji suru koto
    wakattara migite ga orusu nano wo
    nantoka shite!

    Number 1 Always notice my different hair styles.
    Number 2 Look at me from head to toe.
    Got that?
    Number 3 For everything I say,
    reply with at least three words.
    If you understand, then do something about
    my lonely right hand!

    betsu ni
    wagamama nante ittenaindakara
    KIMI ni kokoro kara omotte hoshii no kawaiitte

    Not really,
    I didn’t say I was so spoiled.
    I want you to think I’m cute,
    from the bottom of your heart.

    sekai de ichiban ohime-sama
    ki ga tsuite nee nee
    mataseru nante rongai yo
    watashi wo dare to omotteru no?
    mou nanda ga amai mono ga tabetai!
    ima sugu ni yo

    The very best Princess!
    Just realize it…hey hey!
    Making me wait is out of the question!
    Who do you think I am?
    Whatever, right now I want to eat something sweet!

    ketten? kawaii no machigai desho
    monku ha yurushimasen no
    ano ne, watashi no hanashi chanto kiiteru?
    a, sore to ne shiroi ouma-san
    kimatteru deshou?
    mukae ni kite
    wakattara kashizuite
    te wo totte “ohime-sama” tte

    Fault? Don’t you mean charm?
    I won’t allow any complaints!
    Hey…are you listening to me?
    Ah, also, a white horse
    is obvious right?
    Come and pick me up,
    if you understand then serve me!
    Bow, offer your hand, and say “Princess”

    betsu ni
    wagamama nante ittenaindakara
    demo ne
    sukoshi kurai shikattekuretatte ii no yo?

    Not really,
    I didn’t say I was so spoiled.
    But you know,
    it’s okay to scold me a bit you know.

    sekai de watashi dake no ouji-sama
    ki ga tsuite hora hora
    otete ga aitemasu
    mukuchi de buaisouna ouji-sama
    mou doushite!? ki ga tsuite yo hayaku

    The very best and my very own Prince!
    Realize it…c’mon c’mon!
    My hand is empty!
    Such a shy and unsociable Prince…
    Gosh why? Hurry and realize it!!

    zettai KIMI ha wakattenai!
    wakattenai wa…

    You don’t understand…
    don’t understand…

    ichigo no notta SHO-TO KE-KI
    kodawari tamago no torokeru PURIN
    minna minna gaman shimasu…
    wagamamana ko da to omowanaide
    watashi datte yareba-dekiru mon
    ato de koukai suruwa yo

    Short cake with strawberry on top,
    Top of the line mouth watering Pudding. *
    Everyone everyone is holding back.
    Don’t think I’m such a spoiled child!
    I can hold back if I put my mind to it!
    I’ll just regret it later on..

    touzen desu! datte watashi ha

    Of course, that’s because I’m

    sekai de ichiban ohime-sama
    chanto mitete yo ne
    dokoka ni icchau yo
    fu ni dakishimerareta
    kyuu ni sonna! e??
    “hikareru abunai yo”
    sou itte soppo muku KIMI

    The very best Princess!
    Always keep an eye on me ‘kay!
    I might leave off to somewhere.
    Suddenly I was hugged from behind,
    it’s so sudden! Eh!?
    “Watch your step, it’s dangerous.”
    you said as you turned the other way…

    …kocchi no ga abunai wa yo

    …saying it that way is more dangerous…

  3. Warren Ellis predicted this years ago:

    We’re doomed.

  4. Translation of otaku-pop is moot. It is and will always be the epitome of insipid evil. It's sole reason for existence is to bring drooling loli-lovers to self-gratifying sporegasm.

    That said, the tech is cool Too bad they aren't putting it to better use.

  5. Thanks for posting that. There seems to a universe on youtube to dive into.

  6. Played with the software briefly a year or so ago. Pretty neat, and I am impressed by current gen holograms. There is actually an english version of the vocaloid software available if anyone is interested in creating music.

  7. Well shit in a hat. That is impressive.

  8. Word on the street has it that this particular idoru has been popular among American cosplayers for a couple of years. News to me, I don’t pay attention to that sort of thing anymore.

  9. The Vocaloid software has been around for several years. (Strangely enough, the first ones released were in English.) I've toyed around with a few of the personae/voice packs. (poorly) It's rather clean vocals for something completely synthesized. Peter Frampton and Steven Hawking, eat your heart out.

    Slightly unrelated, Sony is supposed to be releasing the third gen engine soon.

  10. OMG. That IS scary. Miku appeared just a few years back, and the story dates 10 years ago. Where the heck did we miss the warning signs?

  11. [...] Mentioned here (and everywhere else on the internet) this week, J-Pop star Hatsune Miku is a fictional android, a sex symbol, a popular product spokeswoman, and the output of a vocal software package.  As such, “she” is not just a saccharine-sweet corporate-operated pitchwoman but also a prosthetic identity that anyone with access to her software package can participate in the co-creation of.  It was arguably this open feature of “her” prosthetic identity that allowed her to become so popular. [...]