Digital Skins Body Atmospheres: a glimpse of 2050?

Posted by on March 25th, 2011 in bio-hacking, body mods, fashion, jewelery, posthumanism

This short-film by Interdisciplinary Fashion Designer Nancy Tilbury and Visual Artists 125 Creative gives us a glimpse at what they think fashion in 2050 might look like:

Couture becomes a biological experience, gowns are assembled by gas and nano-electronic-particles, where tailoring and cosmetics are constructed by 3D liquid formations, including swallowable technologies exciting the mind, body and soul through physical expression. It is a time when couture will be cultured and farmed as fashion facets of human flesh. A Fashion Futures Film to provoke…

thanks for the tip-off Emily Crane!
In fact, check out this film of her work too:
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