“Graffiti as Tactical Urban Wireless Network”

Posted by on May 29th, 2012 in activism, tech
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From Pruned, who riffs on this nicely, ending:

Elsewhere, graffiti artists will independently fill in the dead zones. Or maybe not to patch up the network, but rather as part of a collaboration with sound artists to create a pop-up pirate radio station to broadcast an improvisational audio documentary of the local area. During times of protest, they could be used to burst through whatever electromagnetic kettling the security forces might be using to prevent the crowds from organizing and reaching critical mass. If there’s no graffiti antenna nearby, just whip out a Spray On Antenna Kit to reclaim the public spectrum.

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One Response to ““Graffiti as Tactical Urban Wireless Network””

  1. many call BS on this, you might want to verify it :)