A Singular[ity] Dream

Posted by on June 30th, 2012 in poetry, Singularity

We don’t get occasion to post much poetry here. In fact, this might be the first.

A Singular[ity] Dream. by Kenji Wardenclyffe

I dream of a world of hyper sterility,
Glass and chrome, purified air.
Where the feeling of earth beneath our feet is a distant memory,
Where reality is cold and distant.

I dream of a world where blood doesn’t run,
Where servos replace cartilage,
And every breath we take is a simulation.

I dream of a world where our hearts pump black oil,
And emotion is binary shot through a wire,
Where we delete our fears and upload new tricks,
And mortality is a forgotten paradigm.

I dream of a world where our flesh is made of steel,
And our perception upgraded with new versions,
Hardware replaced wetware,
Immortality replaced death,
The natural forgotten,
And the only viruses we get are encoded in C++.

I dream of a world which is coming soon,
A world built of transhuman design.

I shall dream of this world one more time,
A world I shall never know.

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