This is not how the world ends

Posted by on August 16th, 2012 in doomed future, drone culture, graffiti, heavy weather, prosthetics, sport

Images link to source or higher rez where available. Your favouriteĀ Zeitgeist images, put them in the comments.

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2 Responses to “This is not how the world ends”

  1. With the exception of the last image, I think you're reading the message of your selected images backwards.

    Start with the YTD temperature graph, note that the 2012 outlier in the context of Jim Hansen's comments regarding what the last few years increasingly strange weather shows about global warming weather effects.

    Your other images show effects of the billionaire class using government to suppress the masses who might want to do anything about their dominance for the sake of human survival. We are not moving off the fossil fuel energy that constitutes the biggest threat to the future of human technological survival because doing so is a massive threat to the wealth of the 0.001%, the value of their coal and oil holdings will have to be written off in a transition to renewable energy.

    I recommend a rereading of Jason Diamond's Collapse.

    Though we are at potential doom, not inevitable doom at this point,

  2. With the exception of the last image, I think you're reading the message of your selected images backwards.

    The 2012 outlier in the temp YTD chart is part of what Jim Hansen is talking about with respect to weird weather effects of global warming which confirms that we are as a species in very deep shit.

    The rest of the images show how governments are responding to the interest in suppressing any threat to the power of the billionaire class who (for instance) owns the fossil fuel holdings whose value will quickly vanish in any transition to renewable power.

    Now would be a good time to reread Jason Diamond's book Collapse on how the elites of various societies managed to destroy their societies completely including themselves, and reflect that we now have a single transnational global elite class which can be considered a single point of EPIC FAIL. Do this, and reconsider these images.

    I don't see inevitable doom here, but I do see inevitable doom as a linear projection of the current status quo.