I’m here to see the wizard

Posted by on September 4th, 2013

I'm here to see the wizard

From ~EvidenceE~’s flickr stream.

The Lizardman (or the origin story of a proto neo human) [VID]

Posted by on October 2nd, 2012

Hacking your Enlightenment and other transhuman future titbits

Posted by on August 22nd, 2012
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Particularly fascinating interview with Jeffery A. Martin here, not just for his research into the Enlightened, but for his eventual synthesis towards a speculative life for the newly near-immortal.

Other transhuman future titbits from around the web of late:

In Defense of the Retail Simulacra

Posted by on December 10th, 2011

Recently, retail clothing chain H&M has caught a great deal of flack for using computer generated bodies in their online catalog. And while there is something to be said for looking critically at the introduction of computer-generated “perfection” into an industry already psychotically obsessed with unattainable standards of physical beauty, Coilhouse’s Nadya Lev has some relevant re-contextualization to share:

Also, this foray into the uncanny valley brings us one step closer to the age of the idoru. With teenage pop idol Aimi Eguchi, whose face is a composite of six different singers, and vocaloids (singing synthesizers) such as pigtailed holographic superstar, we’re almost there — in The Future.  And even though H&M’s online catalogue conforms to the same beauty standard as any other big fashion retailer, this technology actually has potential to subvert the paradigm altogether.

See the rest over at Coilhouse.

[See also: Building a Better Pop Star, and Building a Better Pop Star II]

Plastic Devil (Heavy Weather art)

Posted by on June 3rd, 2011
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via BoingBoing

Solar plasma ‘tentacle’

Posted by on March 25th, 2011


A NASA spacecraft watching the sun has caught a dazzling view of a solar eruption that launched a vast tendril of magnetic plasma into space.

NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded the sun tentacle, which scientists call a solar prominence, on March 19 as it erupted into space with a rounded, twisting motion.

From Space.com, click through for a video of the tentacle flare.

via Alan Baxter

A City (Untitled)

Posted by on March 13th, 2011

Via OM2 Photography’s photostream.

Powerplant AD (Lu)

Posted by on March 8th, 2011

Powerplant AD (Lu)

Via suspiciousminds’ photostream.

Salt Mazes

Posted by on February 3rd, 2011

Intricately designed by Motoi Yamamoto:


Yamamoto has constructed close to 30 of these mazes since he started working with salt in 2001. His began working with salt a decade ago after his sister passed away from brain cancer. In Japan, salt is a symbol for purification and mourning, so his drawings and sketches were a way of honoring her and expressing a sense of eternity. Yamamoto starts his work in the back of the installation and works his way forward so as not to touch or cross over his previous work.


Via Inhabitat.

CERN Photos

Posted by on February 3rd, 2011

science fiction 2

Photos taken by Ricardo Hurtubia, from inside CERN’s visitors center, via io9.

24-Hours Stitched Into Single Photo

Posted by on January 31st, 2011


Photo by Chris Kotsiopoulos, using many single shots layered into one. Via geekologie.

Ateliers Demoor

Posted by on January 31st, 2011

Ateliers Demoor

Via suspiciousminds’ photostream.


Posted by on January 21st, 2011

A gorgeous chandelier created using transparent acrylic and florescent lightening, designed to pay homage to the chandeliers of the past.


Via mocoloco.


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From ~EvidencE~’s photostream.

Best Space Pictures of 2010

Posted by on November 30th, 2010


An airplane is silhouetted against the first solar eclipse of the decade, seen over Bangkok, Thailand, in January. The annular eclipse blotted out 57 to 80 percent of the sun over Thailand, depending on the province, Sakshin Bunthawin of Songkla University told the Phuket Gazette

Photo and words via NationalGeographic.

All That You Left Behind

Posted by on November 25th, 2010

All That You Left Behind

From ~EvidencE~’s photostream.

Mine Desk

Posted by on November 25th, 2010


Via 9GAG. Hat-tip to Simone, thanks!


Posted by on November 6th, 2010


Via ~EvidencE~’s photostream.

Trippy Bowls Inspired By Spiders On Drugs

Posted by on November 4th, 2010

The famous NASA doped spider webs, created by French designer Guillaume Lehoux for his SOD Project :


Link and photo via treehugger.com.

jomo on the corner

Posted by on November 3rd, 2010

jomo on the corner

A “frame from an upcoming timelapse journey”, from J.Morganized’s photostream.