Deb Chachra drops some materials engineering science at CyborgCamp MIT 2014

Posted by on October 30th, 2014

We’ve been talking to Deb Chachra for some time about her sharing her knowledge and experience in the field of biomedical materials engineering with the Grinding community and are excited to have seen it take shape as this recent talk at Cyborg Camp.

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favela chic vs gothic high-tech: extra legal guns edition

Posted by on May 25th, 2013

From the pop gonzo journalists at VICE, a glimpse at the world of underground gunsmiths in the Philippines:

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The “hyper futurity”, crypto-libertarian poster kids at DEFCAD with their 3D Printed one-shot Liberator:

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You do the math.


Answer a)

In the horrible, spectacular events at Woolwich just a few days ago this gun was used:

via Daily Fail

With this result:

Here is one extraordinary chain of tweets by a rapper, Boya Deemarko, who says that one of the murderers fired a gun but lost his finger when the weapon backfired.


The truth is there is no solution to the math.

BREAKING THE TABOO (This is your world on drugs)

Posted by on December 9th, 2012
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A one-hour look at the failure of the War on Drugs across the world.

Two noticeable omissions:

  1. How the Global Banking System has been propped up by cartel money.
  2. The success of ibogaine in curing opioid addiction.

But then when all drugs are bad, mmmmmkay, it kind of limits your solution space.

Can’t be emphasised enough how important reform in this area is, because as the world looks bleaker more people will turn to any available form of escapism. And as the world systems collapse, the New Barbarians, those transnational criminal organisations will be more than happy to be the ones standing the gap.

Because it couldn’t possibly be the intention of the US Gov to create a prison (aka slave) work force, could it?


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Joining the dots left as an exercise for the reader.

John Shirley preaches on False Singularities

Posted by on December 9th, 2012

A machine that pollutes is only half invented

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John Shirley (who along with Richard Kadrey put the punk in cyberpunk) steps to the podium at TEDx Brussels and like Bill Hick’s dark little prophet, preaches the dystopic future, the dark euphoria of the coming decades. This talk is over a year old, but it resonates stronger than ever. This is not our future | how the world ends.

Tiny Tortures [VID]

Posted by on December 8th, 2012
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5,000 Feet is the Best #droneculture [VID]

Posted by on November 30th, 2012

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LED Freerunning [VID]

Posted by on November 30th, 2012

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SNL Explains Drones

Posted by on November 20th, 2012

Warren Ellis: A Séance for the Future

Posted by on October 28th, 2012
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Like Living Organisms [FASHION | NSFW]

Posted by on October 7th, 2012

Like living organisms; a breathing artificial skin garment with pulsing veins (air is pumping through the veins to simulate a pulse), the pulse increases when you approach and the neckpiece deflates on touch as sign of trust.

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PLURALITY [short film]

Posted by on October 6th, 2012
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The Lizardman (or the origin story of a proto neo human) [VID]

Posted by on October 2nd, 2012

A Digital Tomorrow [Design Fiction]

Posted by on September 18th, 2012

From Warren Ellis’ Vice column, what real sf looks like now:

The film, A Digital Tomorrow, produced by Nicolas Nova of the Near Future Laboratory and colleagues at the Media Design Program in Pasadena, was a design fiction.

A design fiction is a short video, usually issued by a practise specialising in user interaction, created to illustrate possible futures in the social technology space. Literally, a fiction about design. This is where science fiction lives now.

It’s easy to believe science fiction’s dead. It’s hard to find in the bookstores, the cinemas peddle fairytale crap dressed up as SF and TV’s record is spotty at best. But it turns out it’s alive, and being made in the offices of people who actually build the near future for a living. Which, like the best science fiction, is something you wouldn’t necessarily have predicted.

Telekinetic Boarding (sport of the futurepresent)

Posted by on February 22nd, 2012
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Read the how & the who at Engadget…

Man as Industrial Palace

Posted by on January 29th, 2012


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Northern Lights (VIDEO)

Posted by on January 26th, 2012
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Who Monitors the Birds? (#droneculture)

Posted by on November 16th, 2011

Citizen journalism went to new heights in Warsaw, Poland just the other day:

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After the Mayor’s efforts to restrict the Press during the “clear out” of Occupy Wall Street, this technology should soon be standard issue for anyone wanting to preserve Raw History.

Who should be the early-adopters of this than the “good” “folks” at News Corp:

Rupert Murdoch’s pet project, The Daily, has some impressive aerial footage today of the devastation in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, which was obtained with an unusual tool.The Observer was the first to report, back in November, that the staff of the iPad app was working with “a journalistic secret weapon,” the Parrot AR.Drone quadricopter, also known as “The Flying Video Game.” Now they’re finally putting the thing to use, with a new feature called “Daily Drone.”

And just to clarify, “drone” refers to the unmanned chopper itself, not the announcer’s rather dry intonation.

And the Military-Entertainment Complex lurches a step closer to the world depicted in the excellent Mexican cyberpunk movie, Sleep Dealer:

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Marco Tempest’s Open Source Techno Magic

Posted by on November 16th, 2011
Using sleight-of-hand techniques and charming storytelling, techno-illusionist Marco Tempest brings a jaunty stick figure to life onstage at TEDGlobal.”

Miss Representation trailer

Posted by on October 6th, 2011

It is more important than ever, as nearly everything seems on the brink of collapse and/or rapid change, that we honestly examine the past and present state of our culture and society. To acknowledge what counts as progress and what does not.

This film, Miss Representation, looks like a good step in that direction:

(E.C.C.O assures me this is unrelated to my recent McLuhan kick.)

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UK Riots and the F-word

Posted by on September 12th, 2011

If the young are not initiated in to the village, they will burn it down just to feel its warmth.
– African Proverb

This vernacular video documentary does an almost perfect job sketching out the complexity of the situation in the UK.

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Which brings us to the F-word: FERAL:

In the sense of “abandoned by – or escaped from – society”, “living outside the mainstream”, “beyond the control of rules, regulations and accepted norms”, even “gone wild”, feral seems quite a reasonable choice of word to describe something big and faceless such as an economy, the media, or even, at a pinch, a powerful and privileged elite. But when you start applying it to people (youths, yobs), or to a disadvantaged group of people (an underclass), it’s somehow different. Then feral becomes, intentionally or not, dehumanising. Use it in that way and you’re comparing humans to animals. Which isn’t, can we agree, a very nice thing to do.

As Paul Raven tweeted, this is “the worst sort of Othering”, and why we shall never cease repeating here There Is No THEY!