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paralysed woman completes London Marathon in bionic suit after 16 days

From Yahoo!News: Paralysed Claire Lomas has completed the London Marathon in a bionic suit 16 days after she began the race. The 32-year-old was paralysed from the chest down following a horse riding accident five years ago, but with the aid of the limited movement of the suit she was able to negotiate the course [...]

See the ReWalk exoskeleton in action

We have mentioned the ReWalk exoskeleton before, but they have only now released a video of it in action. As you can see, it significantly restores mobility: As Reuters tell us: The product, slated for commercial sale in 2010, will cost as much as the more sophisticated wheelchairs on the market, which sell for about [...]

the ReWalk Medical Powered Exoskeleton

Check out this neat new exoskeleton, developed by Argo Medical Technologies. Here’s the deal: the ReWalk exoskeleton is a light, wearable brace support suit featuring DC motors at the joints, rechargeable batteries, an array of sensors, and a computer-based control system. Users wear a backpack device and braces on their legs, and select the activity [...]